Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm detailing and finishing up my commissions right now, and in between I've been spending a little time with my PAS project. Since I last posted a picture of him, I've dremelled half of him away ;-) His legs are much thinner now and I'm just trying to get a basic shape down right now. I've actually done more to him since this picture, I worked on his topline and filling out his belly a little bit.

You can feel free to make suggestions/critiques, I know there's not much to see yet but I can always use the help and extra sets of eyes. I plan on posting him to some of the boards and bringing him to an artist or two in person to look at after he's farther along. Of course, that could be several years from now at the rate I'm going with him :-0


Erin Corbett said...

I am seriously impressed that you're going near this mold! He doesn't even look like a PAS anymore - I'm looking forward to seeing him progress!

...and that lovely spotted semi-rearing mustang of yours! Now that I have one of your paintjobs to fawn over, she needs a studly companion... :-D

Carol H. said...

Yeah, I don't know why I choose these monumental projects for myself ;-) He was just supposed to be a minor custom but I guess I was feeling ambitious.

Alicia Vogel said...

I love my OF PAS but this mold needs a lot of ker-whacking to look like an Arabian. You're taking the right steps by fixing that shoulder/neck and lengthening the appropriate legs bones. Sarah Mink has a good guide on converting this guy that I can dig up if you'd like additional notes.

Right now his current outline looks good. The croup isn't as flat as what's in the ring now, but personally I don't care for the hyper-table look. If you don't either, I'd look at some of the Polish-lined or performance Arabians for a typey but still useful rump.

Carol H. said...

Thanks for the comments, Alicia! I would love those notes if you can find them and it's not too much trouble.

I think the croup is going to be more flat, I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the whole hindquarters area right now.