Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been working on this guy a little bit, now he doesn't even look like an Arab! The legs are huge now. I tried filling out his belly, but I don't know if it's an improvement or not. I need to change that left rear hoof, I think just the tip of the hoof should be touching the ground. My original reference photo doesn't show the hooves, he's standing in grass, so I've been looking at a bunch of other pictures. Also, I think the "butt" (semitendinosus?) looks too big now.

I don't know how other people can make this seem so easy! I study, I draw horses from life when I can, I take photos and study videos, I took a workshop, I ask questions, but when it gets right down to the point of applying material to the armature, all sense flies out the window for me, or I can't see it, or something. It's very frustrating for me. It makes me question whether I can even see in three dimensions (or if there's something wrong with my eyesight LOL!)

Maybe part of it is because I spent so much time in the 2D world, and have started trying to sculpt after so many years of not doing it. Drawing is easy for me, in fact it's a joy and I look forward to it, but I don't see a light at the end of this sculpting tunnel yet. Everything I try to sculpt looks like crap to me now, and I'm not at that point yet where I feel like there's hope that it will ever get better. Sometimes I think that I should just stick to finishwork, but I really want to learn more about sculpting, at least to be able to do minor changes like ears, manes and tails, maybe a leg movement or something. I think I bite off more than I can chew...

I will probably keep slogging away at this no matter what, it's hard for me to give up. It might take me ten years though!


Alicia Vogel said...

Would it help you if you drew your ideal finished model from both sides, front, and back?

Carol H. said...

Hmm, I hadn't thought of doing that, Alicia, I suppose I could try that. At any rate, I will continue to work on him. I will consider it a long journey of discover and hopefully I'll have some revelations along the way.

Becky Turner said...

hey, its not easy!!! .. if you were here watching me, you would see I also take and add back and forth on each piece .. I think most sculptors do that..I would be shocked if anyone was able to just stick all the clay together perfect on the first try! but you just see the end product so you think it was easy..heck sara rose takes many months to do a piece and im sure she and others are like me and it looks like crap at some point before they get it right! , and yes it is somewhat easier to see whats wrong... but not always!!!.. after doing it for many years , same as drawing is.. keep at it.. when I work I add and take away.. and do that on one spot sometimes alot!!! before I get it right! so keep at it and don't give up.. yes the butt is too high/big.. arabs in that position should have a level croup.. its why they have them stand that way.. the leg goes back to level out the topline..and yes, the toe should be touching the ground not the whole hoof.. Id sand away at the legs and make them thinner but even mine will look like this until I do that myself.. I would rather add too much and take away than not enough... and remember you can come up anytime for help! email me or call me if you want more help on it Id be glad to be an extra set of eyes for you..
Rebecca Turner