Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Classic Mustang

I originally painted this guy to a chestnut pinto, but it was one of my first repaints and I made a lot of mistakes with the mapping, and in general I thought it looked sloppy, so I decided to strip it and repaint. I'm planning on making him a buckskin with a sooty forehand. This is after some work with the airbrush. He looks a little too yellow for me at this point.

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Becky Turner said...

carol are you done wit this yet? Id love to see it finished if it is! also how is the medallion coming? I just made the mold for my Friesian mare medallion and the hope medal without the neck ribbion. the offers still open if you want to do the mold for yours.. we could do it in a few minutes in fact when its ready! just bring it on down some weekend or weekday if you want. I work here all day sculpting .
Becky Turner