Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Very Early Custom

My husband found this in a box in the basement a few weeks ago. This model was probably the last custom I painted before I gave up the hobby for several years. I was 14 years old when I painted it in 1980, and it represents the pinnacle of my painting abilities at the time LOL! I think it was around this year that I went to the Midwest Congress in Illinois. My mother drove me there, and I was just a spectator, but I was so blown away by the quality of everybody else's work, and so intimidated by how good everyone was, that I basically hung up my paintbrushes and gave up. Sad, but true. I think I was too young and didn't have anybody to encourage me to continue at that time (in fact, I had a lot of peer pressure to give up my "toy horses"), and I was overcome with embarrassment at how bad I was.

I remember that Kathy Maestas was at this show, as well as Julie Froelich, two of my idols at the time. Froelich had a silent auction going of a Saddlebred weanling that she had haired so beautifully, I was horrified at that time that the bid had gotten to $60! I wished I could bid on it, but being 14 years old I didn't have that kind of money.

Back to this custom I painted; I signed it BLC, which stood for "Bar Lazy C", the name of my model horse ranch. I'm so glad that I kept it and that my husband found it in such good condition. I really regret that I gave this hobby up for so long and let myself be intimidated into thinking I couldn't be good enough. I feel like I have to make up for lost time now!

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Christine said...

I was at Congress too, used to go down every year for it. Your guy looks great compared to my first repaint. I walked into the hall, saw Julie F. and Sue Rowe's horses and I was done for, never even pulled him out of my box.

Now? I don't care. I show whatever I make. But yay, totally understand the intimidation thing going on ;).