Monday, April 23, 2007


This Breyer was meant to be a straight repaint but the front hooves were bugging me. The stacks are so vague-looking on the original model; I don't know if that was purposeful to diminish the whole idea of weighted stacks or if the sculpting artist just felt it looked better that way.

I felt like I need to make it look a little more realistic, so I researched photos of stacked hooves (very difficult to find, even on the web!) and did a little customizing. I don't condone the practice of weighting or soring hooves on any animal myself, I'm totally into the natural thing, but if I followed that principle with this model it would have turned into a drastic custom and I didn't want to take the time on this one, so I just made the small change and left him "big lick."

I'm going to try the color silver dapple on this one, haven't done it before and am a little nervous about it.

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